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Dan Saffer – Big Considerations from Microinteractions

User Experience is really all about delighting your users. You want them to accomplish tasks with ease and not encounter any roadblocks that are a direct result of your design. Many of the delightful things about an app or interface go unnoticed because they are the tiniest of features. These microinteractions can set the tone for your users and dictate the feel and performance of your design.

The Rise of the UX Torturer

Is it ethical to intentionally degrade an experience for profit? Can we really call this “UX” or “user-centered” if we are not advocating for and acting in the best interests of the user?

2 months ago

Why a New Golden Age for UI Design Is Around the Corner

"In the coming era of ubiquitous sensors and miniaturized mobile computing, our digital interactions won’t take place simply on screens.They will happen all around us, constantly, as we go about our day. Designers will be creating not products or interfaces but experiences, a million invisible transactions."

2 months ago - 1

Responsive Strategy | Brad Frost Web

Some different approaches to making an existing site responsive.

6 months ago

UI Animation and UX Design: Motion Has Meaning

When used as more than just a subtle design detail, animation can provide cues, guide the eye, and soften the sometimes-hard edges of web interactions. It can improve the user experience. And we can do it with CSS.

7 months ago

7 (unbreakable) laws of user interface design

Not really “laws” as much as very useful guidelines that, when violated, lead to less usable and less enjoyable experiences.

8 months ago - 2

The Lean UX Manifesto

"The Lean UX Manifesto: Principle-Driven Design | Smashing UX Design"

8 months ago - 1

5 Habits of Creative Masters

How to think like a master of creativity.

The Key to Getting Creative? Serotonin. Lots of It.

Neuroeconomist Baba Shiv on how to get creative. Coffee may or may not be involved.

Applied Psychology in Silicon Valley

Psychologists have found a home amidst the designers and technologists of Silicon Valley, and their value is increasingly important, but we should cautious with the skills we bring.

9 months ago